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Expanding Into Russia Or The Baltic Area? Easier Than You Think !

If you have been doing well in the UK, you may have been wondering about expanding your company into Russia. And really – it makes sense to consider it an option. Keeping your business in areas which are currently facing economic struggles is like staying in a farm that has been experiencing dry spells when there is a farm right next door that constantly yields great crops. Right now, Russia has one of the strongest economies in the world, and being able to get a slice of the Russian market will likely prove to be very profitable for your business.

Companies that do business in Russia have many perks that any CEO would find appealing. Having your business established in Russia can translate into lower tax rates, more customers, lower operations costs, and even a better reputation in the global community. Russia now houses more billionaires than any other country in the world, and it could be the place where your company gets the boost it needs to help you reach similar financial goals. Moreover, this country also has a reputation for being very friendly towards expats who are looking to start new company roots in Russia. In a nutshell, Russia is an ideal place to do business in almost any industry.

However, expanding into any foreign country does have its challenges that any CEO has to overcome. You will need to have a good grip on the country’s unique culture, and it may also be beneficial to you to learn a little bit of modern Russian history before your company begins its growth in the Russian or Baltic area. These two hurdles are easily overcome – especially if you have the right help. What is not so easy to overcome is learning about the Russian legal system, and the requirements that you would need to meet in order to have your business protected by the Russian government.

Russian law can be difficult to understand at times, and the paperwork can be equally confusing. No matter what field you want your company to specialise in, you will need someone who can help you navigate through trade agreements, enterprise economic zone laws, insurance, intellectual property laws, and business formation. Even local laws can be tricky at times – sometimes, to the point of frustrating. For many people, the obstacles that being unfamiliar with Russian law can present can be enough to make them reconsider and even abandon the idea of establishing their business abroad.

This doesn’t have to be the case.

With the right legal advisor on your team, expanding your company into Russia can be a cakewalk. A good Russian lawyer can act as an international liaison for CEOs who are looking to move their company into Russian territory, not only because of their in-depth knowledge about the local laws, but also because of their excellent command of the Russian language and deep understanding of Russian culture.

It is crucial that you find a lawyer who actually has a Russian professional education in law to do your work. However, simply hiring any lawyer will not do the trick. Great lawyers, such as Sergey Naumkin, have a wide array of specialisations that businesses in almost any field will find very useful. They may also offer help with advice, paperwork, translations, and explanation of different ways of everything works over there on how to make your company more Russia-friendly. Sergey Naumkin practice is currently one of the most popular in this field, not only because of all of the services that he offers, but also because of his extensive education, as well as his long list of satisfied customers and successful cases. Sergey often ascribes his success to the fact that he himself had to go through the process of expanding business into Russia, making it easy for him to understand where his clients are coming from.

Much of the potential for success for any business entering Russian territory hinges on having the best people to help you make the transition as seamless as possible. The sage advice, efficient help, and access to local resources that Sergey Naumkin offers may be the boost that you need in order to improve your profits, gain a share of the massive Russian market, and also deal with red tape that often comes with expanding into the Baltic area. Hiring a Russian lawyer is often the best decision a CEO can make, so if you are ready to make the step, don’t wait another day. The sooner you get the help, the more chances of success in Russia you will get. Please press here if you want to contact Sergey and send him a message.

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