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Inheritance in Russia

When someone close to you in Russia passes away, then you may be entitled to benefit from  the deceased person's estate. Under current law you must submit an "Application on Acceptance or Rejection of Inheritance" to the local notary within a period of six months from the moment of opening of succession. If you are in England, application can be  submitted personally by post or via power of attorney on your behalf. Booth application and the power of attorney must be properly certified.

Afterwards the notary will issue you (in case of acceptance of inheritance) Certificate of Right to Inheritance. 

Local notary here means any  notary in the borders of notarial district where the deceased person was living and was officially registered.

Once Certificate of  Inheritance is issued, you have to take all appropriate steps to register a changes of title in the property register.

However, it is important to know that once the six-month deadline has passed, inheriting the deceased's estate may be not possible. Unless the court reinstates the term for inheritance for good reasons or  agreement between of all heirs is achieved.

There are no taxes on inherited property which applies regardless of the residency status of the individual. The inheritance tax was abolished in Russia in 2006. Notarial fees for issuance of  Certificate of  Inheritance are 0.3%-0.6% of the value of inherited estate.

How can I help you with your inheritance case in Russia?

I can do for you following:

1. Draft an Application on Acceptance or Rejection of Inheritance
2. Draft a Power of Attorney to appoint a trusted person that will be acting on your behalf in Russia to apply and receive a Certificate of Right to Inheritance. 
3. Find information on inherited property, accounts, company ownership and shares, movable assets.
4. Handle inquiries about progress of the case with the notary.
5. Arrange preparation of property valuation report.
6. Arrange  preparation of changes in the property title register.
7. Draft letting, sale and purchase agreements for Russian property.

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