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Sergey Naumkin - Russian Business Lawyer

Sergey Naumkin

Born in 1969 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Education; MA in Baltic Sea Region Studies, 2004; PgDip in Business & Law,  1998,  LLB 1995, MSc. (Diploma) in Naval Architecture, 1991  from  the  institutions of St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad  and  Berlin. Professional  diploma  in  Alternative Dispute Resolution from United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), Geneva, 2004.

Sergey Naumkin followed both his farther and grandfather into the profession of naval officer. He graduated the oldest Russian Higher Naval Engineering College situated in the Admiralty in Saint-Petersburg and joined the Russian Naval Forces as a full career warfare officer. He served on board an aircraft carrier deployed in the Mediterranean, Black, Barents Seas and Atlantic Ocean.

Since leaving the Navy after dissolving of the Soviet Union he graduated the Juridical Faculty of the International Institute in Business, Management and Law and has been for fifteen years a lawyer with various juridical firms in Kaliningrad (Russia) and then in U.K.

In 1998 he participated in first Programme on Training Managers and Executives for the Enterprises of National Economy of the Russian Federation, studied business and law at Kaliningrad International Business School and was trained in one of the leading Swedish law firm in Stockholm afterwards.  

Pursuing his interest in development of especial European regions, as a 2003-2004 DAAD Fellow at the Baltic Sea School Berlin of Humboldt University, Mr. Naumkin received a Master of Art degree in Baltic Sea Region Studies.

He has managed a private legal practice since 1994. Mr. Naumkin participated in numerous complex consulting and civil litigation matters, including labour law, company’s law, contract, commercial, real estate, maritime, and insurance cases, investment consulting in Russia and the Baltic Sea States.

He also has worked extensively with various NGOs, based in Kaliningrad on projects dealing with international co-operation and networking in the subject areas of civil society, legal systems, security, economy, international relations, and especially the integration of Kaliningrad ('as it sits in the middle of the ‘New Europe'), and the Baltic States into the European Union. Languages include Russian, English and Swedish. He has an English wife, fifteen-year-old son and is living in the picturesque Cheshire village of Bollington, more commonly known as ‘Happy Valley’.

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